5 Point Discussions – Black Clover 51: “Proof Of Rightness”

by Sage Ashford

Now that the Black Bulls have defeated the Midnight Sun and recovered the magic stone, what’s next for their group? Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. Now that the Black Bulls have returned, we’re reminded they’re not conquering heroes, they’re just big dumb jerks who forgot one of their teammates! It’s a cruel running gag Yuki Tabata has that the team has one member the group always forgets about in Gordon, a soft-spoken fellow who seems creepy but is actually a total sweetheart. It’s normally not a big deal because missions tend to be two or three man assignments at best, but it’s especially highlighted here, when the entire group went to the underwater temple and left behind poor Gordon. The way these stories tend to work, after 50+ episodes without having seen him fight, Gordon is either absurdly strong (hence keeping him off the board for so long), or he’s hilariously weak, to lampshade the usual expectation that someone who never fights could be somehow be powerful.

2. I’ve spent so many of these articles trash talking the Clover Kingdom, but they might actually be the best country on this continent, somehow. After making it back safely, Yami decides it’s time to report back to the Wizard King–he takes Asta because he was there when Yami got the assignment, Charmy because she captured the Midnight Sun members, and Finral to teleport them there. They report on what happened and hand over the stone, and there’s a couple sentimental flashbacks regarding the relationship between Yami and Julius, and how Julius took a chance on a young foreigner for no reason other than “he seemed strong”. But before things can get too sappy, Julius’ assistant pops up and informs them the town of Kiten, a border town between Clover ad Diamond, is under attack.
This is the second time the people of the Diamond Kingdom have attacked Clover Kingdom territory, and the implication throughout the series has been this happens often enough for the two countries to be on bad terms. They send quite the army too; not only in raw numbers, but three members of a group known as the Eight Shining Generals, people who match the Magic Knight Captains in strength. In other words, these are likely direct orders from the top–take advantage of the weakness from them having to deal with terrorists in order to take land and resources. We know from the Dungeon arc the Diamond Kingdom is lacking in the same resources Clover never seems to have a problem with, but I don’t think that excuses constant military action on neighboring countries.  Between this and the human experimentation, the Diamond Kingdom seems like a real trashfire…even with Clover Kingdom’s gross, heavily stratified society.

3. This is the most useful a non-Black Bulls Magic Knight guild has been in some time.  Just as all hope seems lost in the middle of this horrific invasion, one that includes sights of one of the Eight Shining Generals terrorizing civilians for whatever reason, the Golden Dawn arrives! Right after most of Kiten’s usual defense force is wiped out, they make an appearance and start laying into the Diamond Kingdom’s forces. We haven’t seen them in awhile, and unsurprisingly, Yuno’s gotten much more powerful–wiping out one of the Shining General’s elemental mounts with a single spell.  It kind of calls into question these guys being as strong as Magic Knight Captains, but then again what’s that mean anymore anyway–the Third Eye were all supposed to be even more powerful, and they went down to a muscular idiot with no magic.
Yuno’s elemental, Bell, also went training–and found herself a personality! She’s constantly poking fun at Yuno’s relaxed mindstate and how little he seems to care about anything not involving his goals. It’s a cute pairing, even if Yuno remains unflappable throughout.

4. All things considered, it’s probably not the best idea to send a kid with a busted arm into the midst of a battlefield, but hey, it’ll work out somehow, right? Thanks to the Powers of Magic, Julius, Yami and the others are able to watch the events happening in Kiten in real time, and Julius realizes maybe an entire army is going to need more than a single Magic Knight guild.  He asks Yami if he’s willing to go, and considering this is the one man in all of Clover Yami seems to respect, he agrees without a second thought.
Asta asks to go, which seems ill-advised, but Yami immediately turns him down. At least, until Charmy volunteers to watch over him and keep him out of trouble while they’re on the field. This would be particularly out of character for Charmy, but she has a crush on Yuno, her meal-saving prince, and she’s pretty adamant about meeting him, damn the consequences.  (Even if those consequences involve our magic-less, currently three-limbed protagonist.)

5. Next Episode: With the last adventure barely over, we seem to be diving headlong into the next! There’s just one problem: the group lost Finral! As soon as they arrived, Yami told him to get lost–which for him meant continue plying his Only Other Useful Skill of being vapid and pretty and hitting on girls. It’s a mission to track down the Fast Travel button, next time on Black Clover!
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