Fear The Wads Of Chaos In Invader Zim #35

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]
Invader Zim has been thrown in prison. He is unable to pay for the space being used by his own prisoners, so Space Prison Moo-Ping 10 now holds Zim himself. Thankfully for Zim, a shapeshifter in the form of an Earth dog has offered to help the Irkan Invader a chance to cooperate and escape. However, Zim himself threw this shapeshifter into Moo-Ping 10 in the first place, so can he be trusted?

Invader Zim #35 cover by Warren Wucinich
Invader Zim #35 cover by Warren Wucinich

Invader Zim #35 presents the reader with the most incompetent prison break attempt in history, courtesy of Zim. The shapeshifter has a logical and direct plan to lead he and Zim out of Moo-Ping 10, but Zim is unwilling to hear it.
Funnily enough, the comic puts Zim in a role like Gir in Zim’s own plans. He thwarts everything the shapeshifter attempts and lucks into success.
There are only so many ways to say that something is funny, and that’s sort of the catch when reviewing comedy titles. With that in mind, Invader Zim #35 is really funny. The surrealist humor of the show and its comic title hold through with alien wardens that are deathly afraid of “wads” and Zim’s repeated screaming of the word “madness” when confronted with a talking dog.
The pacing and flow of the comic work to its own benefit, keeping the reader from being bored by a long scene or slow plot advancement.
Invader Zim #35 art by Kate Sherron and Fred C. Stresing
Invader Zim #35 art by Kate Sherron and Fred C. Stresing

Kate Sherron brings the classic aesthetic of the show to life while injecting a bit of unique creativity into the design of Moo-Ping 10. Characters are active and the sense of kineticism isn’t lost in the comic format. The color work of Fred C. Stresing brings its own energy and appeal with a strange palette fitting of Invader Zim.
Invader Zim #35 is another hilarious and triumphant installment from the Oni Press revival of the Jhonen Vasquez series. It moves quickly, delivers the laughs, and is as strange and surreal as ever. This one comes with a recommendation. Check it out.
Invader Zim #35 comes to us from writer Eric Trueheart, artist Kate Sherron, color artist Fred C. Stresing, letterer Warren Wucinich, cover artist Warren Wucinich, and control brain Jhonen Vasquez.

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