John Carpenter’s Halloween OST Released On Vinyl, In Mono For The First Time Ever By Mondo

by Olly MacNamee

Mondo have been realising Halloween soundtracks for a number of weeks now, but this one really caught my eye. This Wednesday 3rd October, Mondo will be releasing a 40th anniversary pressing of John Carpenter’s original score on coloured vinyl and in mono for the first time, just as it appears in the film. They’ve also got some nifty enamel pins designed by Matt Taylor too. Seems there’s something for everyone! Here’s to Halloween, the film, the soundtrack and the holiday!
Here’s the more technical details:

The soundtrack features music composed and performed in 1978 by John Carpenter. The audio is taken from the “music stem” derived from the 35mm mono tracks that comprised the dialogue, sound effects, and music of the original film, which when combined, comprise the complete soundtrack of the classic film.

Death Waltz Recording Co. Halloween: 40th Anniversary Edition – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP. Music by John Carpenter. 40th Anniversary Soundtrack produced in association with Alan Howarth. Artwork by Mike Saputo. Expected to Ship in mid-October. $32

3.25″x3.25″ Backing. Expected to Ship in November 2018. $16

HALLOWEEN Enamel Pins. Designed by Matt Taylor. Laurie (1.22″ Height), Bob the Ghost (1.43″ Height) and The Boogeyman (1.21″ Height). All on 1.5″x2.71″ Backing. Expected to Ship in November 2018. $10 Each

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