Neil Gaiman Compares “Gentle” Good Omens To “Brutal” American Gods

by Erik Amaya


In making the transition from comics to novels to television, Neil Gaiman has become a hot commodity thanks to an overall deal with Amazon, his returning show American Gods and the upcoming Good Omens. Both are based on his novels (Good Omens was co-written with the late Terry Pratchett) and both happen to concern supernatural entities invading the conventional spaces of the world. But for Gaiman, that is where the similarities end.
In an interview with Deadline, Gaiman explained the tones of the series are wildly different. “Good Omens is funny and loving, and I hope kind of gentle where American Gods is brutal and dark, and unflinchingly honest,” he explained. But then, in a typical Gaiman-style obfuscation, he added “or possibly the other way around.”
The writer — now producer — added that he doesn’t expect to work on another season of Good Omens, but hopes to get American Gods to a sixth season. Which is a nice aspiration, but considering reports of how difficult and expensive it is to make, this idea seems as whimsical as anything Gaiman puts in his books. He claimed to know nothing of the production chaos as his role was, ultimately, more of a supervisory one instead of the showrunning capacity early reports indicated. According to him, the emails and phones calls he received indicated a fairly amicable set.
But perhaps his measured response to questions about the production is the clearest indicator that Neil Gaiman makes television now. He talks like a producer.
Good Omens debuts on Amazon in 2019. American Gods returns to Starz at some point in the future.

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