NYCC 2018: Expect More With AHOY Comics

by Gary Catig

Making only there second convention appearance ever, the crew at Ahoy Comics held a panel at New York Comic Con Thursday evening. Publisher, Hart Seely, editors/writers, Stuart Moore and Tom Peyer, and creatives Peter Milligan and Jamal Igle were all in attendance.

The company sees themselves releasing around four titles a month using a TV season format where books end an arc and come back later if they were successful. Their slogan is “Expect More” which they provide in both quality and back features that include short stories and standalone cartoons. In fact, they regularly accept submissions for short stories with the hopes of tapping into new talent not associated with comics.
They have a variety of stories in their first wave but they all have in common an element of humor with a serious side. A Vertigo with laughs. The first title discussed was The Wrong Earth, which is a superhero satire looking at the lighter toned silver age versus the grittier comics. Two heroes from separate worlds, one who enjoys a life of adventure and another who uses savage violence to dispatch criminals, switch places and have to adjust to their new surroundings. With the whole alternate reality vibe, mirrors and reflections play an important role thematically and it can be observed in Igle’s cover for issue #6. Igle is the artist for the book while Peyer is the writer.

Another series, High Heaven, is about a man who dies and goes to heaven. Unfortunately, everyone there hates him. It is a character comedy of someone who is unlikeable who deals with the scorn and misery because he can’t leave. The title has been a surprising success as the orders have increased steadily for the first three issues. Peyer also writes this series with Greg Scott on art.

Moore’s upcoming comic, Captain Ginger, has art from June Brigman. It is a comedy drama about an interstellar crew made up entirely of cats. They serve as Earth’s last legacy as they are the last survivors of the planet. It will be released on October 17.

Finally, they talked about Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Terror. There are millions of stories out there that adapt the work of the Baltimore writer in a respectful away. Well, Ahoy went the other way roasting Poe. They created a humor anthology with horror undertones. Milligan’s contribution is a story about someone who wants to kill the president with a title that is a play on The Fall of the House of Usher. Artwork was provided for upcoming issues. Issue #1 will appropriately be released on Halloween.

The first group of Ahoy titles are an interesting bunch and the panel served as a good introduction to what the publisher has to offer.

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