Back To Teen Drama And Super Heroics In Go Go Power Rangers #13

by James Ferguson

Shattered Grid has ended and the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are going back to their regular lives just after they got their powers. That means trying to make amends with their estranged friend, Matt, who’s been avoiding them after his run-in with Rita Repulsa and dealing with other assorted high school drama. Oh, and there’s Rita out there working on a new scheme.

What continues to drive Go Go Power Rangers forward is the excellent character development. Writer Ryan Parrott drives each Ranger’s story forward by leaps and bounds, providing a look into their lives that’s way deeper than anything we ever got out of the TV show.
The will-they, won’t-they relationship between Jason and Trini is a perfect example of this. Trini has a touching heart-to-heart with her mother that showcases some top-notch parenting. Her mom doesn’t want to tell her what to do or pull information out of her. Instead, she just backs her up 100%, showing Trini that she loves her unconditionally and she’ll always be there for her.

One of my favorite moments in Go Go Power Rangers #13 comes in a single panel that says so much about Jason. The Red Ranger explains away his recent absences and change in schedule to his friends. This dialogue is shown over an image of what Jason has really been doing: taking care of his terminally ill father. He doesn’t want his friends to worry, even though they’d support him and be there for him, but he keeps it from them. Jason carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. That includes his family’s woes and the leadership of the Power Rangers.
We do get a bunch of great Power Rangers action and artist Eleonora Carlini does a great job with these sequences. There’s a fantastic shot of the group in mid-transformation, with their costumes forming around them. In the TV show, this was always just a quick flash with them in street clothes one second and in the uniform the next. The comic book medium lets Carlini play with the transition a bit, creating gorgeous images like this one.

Of course, the different Rangers are color-coded. Raul Angula makes the transformation pieces glow with a brilliant energy. It shows the sheer power at work as they go from their normal clothes (which happen to coincide with their Ranger colors) to armored super heroes.
In uniform, the Power Rangers are larger-than-life. Their every action is big and bold. This comes through in their speech as well, especially when they’re transforming and assembling the Power Blaster. Letterer Ed Dukeshire shows them shouting out their weapon names with the words popping off the page with intensity.

Rita’s plan is still a mystery, but she steps foot on Earth for the first time in quite awhile, so you know it’s going to be diabolical. Go Go Power Rangers has treated her with the care and respect of a supremely powerful villain. She doesn’t show up as comic relief or the butt of a joke. Instead, she’s a terrifying sorceress, striking fear into her enemies and civilians alike.
While this particular team doesn’t currently show up in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic, they’re alive and well in Go Go Power Rangers. The characterization on display here is unparalleled. Any fan, whether they casually watched the show growing up or are experiencing these characters for the first time, will find a lot to enjoy with this series.
Go Go Power Rangers #13 from Boom! Studios is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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