12-Gauge Comics’ Serial Killer Universe Expands With ‘Plastic’ Hardcover And New ‘Narco’ OGN On Kickstarter

by Brendan M. Allen

Four years ago, writer Doug Wagner, artist Daniel Hillyard, colorist Laura Martin, and letterer Ed Dukeshire unleashed Edwyn, a retired serial killer with a…unique girlfriend, Virginia, who just so happens to be a blow-up doll. Published by Image Comics, Plastic charts Edwyn’s descent into madness as he embarks on a brutal, chaotic (and often hilarious) war on the unfortunate souls who kidnap his synthetic lover. 

Today, that same creative team presents the definitive edition of this gonzo blood-splattered epic with the Plastic : Deluxe Edition hardcover. This volume features a new cover from Hillyard and Martin alongside a new “lost scene” six-page backup story revealing Edwyn’s brutal origins. 

In addition, that same team has also reunited alongside colorist Dave Stewart for NARCO, a new 136-page graphic novel and the next phase of the Plastic universe. The overarching fiction also includes Vinyl, the killers-vs-cultists blockbuster by Wagner and Hillyard currently published by Image Comics. 

NARCO is a Hitchcockian thriller about a benevolent 20-something Marcus, who suffers from a rare form of narcolepsy triggered by stressful and traumatic events. After being wrongfully accused of his neighbor’s murder, Marcus pursues the true killer at the mercy of his sleep-inducing condition.

“I never fathomed that Plastic would ignite a new shared serial killer universe of blood and adrenaline, but it’s been a complete blast to thread these fictions together,” Wagner said. “It’s the perfect amalgamation of the interconnecting super hero worlds I grew up reading with the cinematic boilers from Alfred Hitchcock, Brian De Palma, Michael Mann, and David Fincher that have fueled so many of my nightmares. Watching those influences congeal into something wholly bizarre with its own twisted DNA–brought to disturbing life by Daniel, Dave, and, Ed–has been nothing short of a sordid delight.” 

“I have no clue what’s going on. Drawing utensils are twist-tied to my fingers. When I close my eyes I see blow-up dolls and carnage,” lamented Hillyard. “Enjoy!” 

Both Plastic : Deluxe Edition and NARCO are available exclusively in a joint Kickstarter (found here). Any orders completed by 12:12 PM EST on Wednesday October 27, 2021 receive a free Plastic print by Daniel Hillyard and Laura Martin. 

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