Tissues & This is Us: A Closer Look At Kate

by Christine Marie Attardo

We’re only three episodes into the third season of This Is Us and things have been happening for Kate. Even though we have seen events happen for the other characters, she has been a main focus. Where will it all lead?

Last week’s episode was a teary one, as usual. However, one moment really, really got me. We were all expecting her anesthesia to be a little strange because the preview for the episode showed her talking to her former childhood and teenage self. I found it to be a pretty cool thing. It made me think about what my childhood and teenage self would have said to me.
Then the tears came.
Why? Watch the first sixty seconds of this clip.

Yep, Jack walks in. It might seem obvious to some, but I did not see that one coming. It filled me with such joy to see a moment like that. Obviously, things got a little dicey with Kate not wanting to wake up, but I’m glad she did. I think many fans believe that she is going to die this season, but I really, truly don’t. I think people have been waiting for her character to die from the beginning, primarily because of her weight issue and I just don’t believe it.
These writers know what we expect, and probably intend to do the exact opposite. Kate is going to be with us for a long time and I am very happy about that. Her character is a true, positive inspiration. I look forward to seeing how the season continues to unfold.
This Is Us premieres on Tuesdays on NBC. Stream it on Hulu the day after.

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