Thankfully Justice League #10 Is More Than Just A Warm-Up For Drowned Earth

by Olly MacNamee

Justice League #10 may very well be a prelude to the Aquaman/JL crossover, Drowned Earth, but with Francis Manapul on art, it was never going to be some fill-in issue produced to move a bigger story along. Well, it is and it isn’t.
Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Firestorm are all en route to the Arctic looking for an ancient Atlantean ship buried within the ice and snow. With mentions of Arion, one can guess that at some point soon he’ll be turning up and re-introduced into the post-DCU of Rebirth. But, I imagine it won’t be within the pages of this book. I reckon you’ll have to read the whole Drowned Earth saga to find out more on that front. In that way, this is more a warm-up act to the main event. But not everything that unfolds in this issue is connected to the upcoming saga.
This trio of travellers soon get caught up in finding not only the possible key to the Graveyard of The Gods, but are confronted by space-faring travellers claiming to be kin to Poseidon, in a manner of speaking. Meanwhile, we have the slightest of hints that the JL are about to embark on a time travelling adventure when more mysteries surrounding the Totality are uncovered while Superman, Adam Strange and The Flash go looking for Lex Luthor and his Legion of Doom. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, J’onn J’onzz, Hawgirl and Green Lantern are off to Thanagar Prime to seek out more on the Totality. See what I mean about this being more than just a taster for the main course over on Drowned Earth?

Manapul’s work is always a pleasure to behold, and his presence adds to a title that hasn’t had on foul step when it comes to either art or story, with DC seemingly determined to keep up this level of high quality whenever a fill-in artist is required. His work is both delicate – colouring his own work ensures that – but also bold and dramatic too when it sees to be. Each breakaway team has its moment to shine.
Justice League #10 gives us all a breather too, with no sign of Luthor or his new found allies, as the team get the time to investigate the Totality further. Well, at least until the threat of a literal drowned Earth rears its ugly head this November. I just hope the Justice League have brought their armbands. Things are about to get very soggy, very quickly.
Justice League #10 is valuable now from DC Comics.

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