Books 1 And 2 Of Chronicles Of Hate To Be Collected In New Edition By Top Cow

by Olly MacNamee

With the ridiculous success of the recent Hate board game Kickstarter, Image/Top Cow will be following this up with the release of an oversized trade paperback edition of Chronicles of Hate, collecting books one and two of writer/artist Adrian Smith’s dark fantasy series.
Smith is no stranger to the work of gaming as he first came to prominence for his atmospheric, moody artwork and game illustrations for such popular franchises as Magic: The Gathering and Warhammer.

In a world where the sun is frozen and the moon burns, Chronicles of Hate follows an unlikely hero who rises to free the Earth Mother from her chains. This isn’t a world for the weak. All we know is HATE.

Chronicles of Hate Collected Edition will be in comic book stores on Wednesday, December 5th and bookstores on Tuesday, December 11th.

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