Bridging The Gap Between Anarchist And Cop In The New World #4

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]
Stella, Kirby, and Kirby’s dad have hid out in the desert outside of New California. Kirby and Stella just had a fight about her being a former cop, and Kirby’s father is trying to talk his son into being more understanding with Stella. Meanwhile, President Herod has Logan Maximus on the hunt for these dissidents. He wants his granddaughter, Stella, alive, but Logan Maximus is allowed to kill Kirby and his father. As it turns out, Kirby’s dad and Logan Maximus served together in the army, and Maximus has a vendetta.

The New World #4 cover by Tradd and Heather Moore
The New World #4 cover by Tradd and Heather Moore

The New World #4 continues to focus on the more personal aspects of the tale. Much of the comic consists of the conversation between Kirby and his dad about the former’s treatment of Stella. Kirby’s dad is given the position of the wise elder as opposed to the drunken burnout we were shown in the first three issues.
It’s a nice change of pace for that character, as it adds depth to an otherwise one-dimensional figure. Even President Herod and Logan Maximus are given little moments of character revelation. Ales Kot is quite good at not leaving a character wasted.
Kirby is given some growth, which is cool. Stella remains an awesome character.
The New World #4 art by Tradd and Heather Moore
The New World #4 art by Tradd and Heather Moore

Tradd and Heather Moore give the book a distinct and psychedelic visual identity which only this pairing can accomplish. There are moments of surreality due to their unique style, and it does clash with the narrative’s attempts at grounding itself. That said, I can’t quite complain about it, because it still contributes to the futuristic pseudo-cyberpunk identity of The New World.
Character depth and emotional connection are the names of the game with The New World #4. Stella and Kirby attempt to connect further, Kirby’s father is expanded upon, and the tension continues to build for either a revolution or another massacre at the hands of the New California government. In any case, this book earns a recommendation. Check it out.
The New World #4 comes to us courtesy of writer Ales Kot, artist Tradd Moore, color artist Heather Moore, flatter Ludwig Olimba, letterer Clayton Cowles, cover artist Tradd Moore with Heather Moore, and variant cover artists Tradd Moore with Heather Moore and Sloane Leong.

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