Fox Sets Gotham’s January Return

by Erik Amaya


The final days of Gotham begin January 3rd.
Fox has announced its mid-season schedule, which sees the Batman prequel series returning for its fifth and final year as 2019 begins. But according to TVLine, Gotham has expanded from a 10-episode order to 12, meaning the series will end with its 100th episode.
Which seems like a fair way to end the sometimes baffling but always interesting series. Debuting on the premise of exploring Gotham before Batman, the series quickly saw Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) facing prototype forms of familiar foes like The Riddler and Catwoman while also managing the mob elements corrupting the city. Eventually, he himself became corrupted, meaning a Dark Knight would have to rise before the city could find any sort of peace.
The fifth season sees Gotham separated from the rest of the country as the bridges in and out of town were destroyed last season. Into the maelstrom comes Jim’s old war buddy  Eduardo Dorrance (Shane West), but as recent photos have revealed, Dorrance is the program’s version of Bane; whose backbreaking maneuvers will push Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) into becoming the Bat-Man.
Gotham returns January 3rd.

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