Spider-Geddon #2 Spirals Out Of Control Without Peter Parker

by James Ferguson

The Inheritors have invaded Earth-616 thanks to Otto Octavius’ hubris. It’s only a matter of time before they get to full power and become practically unstoppable. The Web Warriors have to act fast if they’re going to prevent the total annihilation of Spider heroes from across the multiverse. They’ve already seen some of their own die at the hands of the Inheritors. Will the body count rise further?

With all these Spider characters flying around, you know that some of them are expendable. We already saw that in the first issue of Spider-Geddon. This chapter looks to have a major death, but it’s not one I was buying for a second because the character is just too big. If they took this person out, there would be riots in the streets, so that lessened the impact of the dramatic and heroic moment, unfortunately.
We’re only a couple issues into Spider-Geddon and the event already feels too large. I prefer event books that have a self-contained story you can read in the main title alone. Tie-in issues and one-shots are fine, but they shouldn’t be required reading for you to enjoy the main story. That is not the case here where the plot branches out into several other titles, including Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man, Edge of Spider-Geddon, and Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider. This makes the story feel disjointed and way too spread out, although writer Christos Gage does a decent enough job keeping things flowing in this title.

As we’ve already been through Edge of Spider-Geddon, some of the actions of the Web Warriors feel like retreading of old material. They set out into the multiverse to find more Spider heroes to help fight the Inheritors and we already saw how that happens in that mini-series so the build up and eventual journey feel like a waste of time.
There is still something undeniably awesome about seeing a bunch of different Spider heroes together. Artist Jorge Molina makes these characters look so incredibly awesome. Seeing Miles Morales fighting side-by-side with Spider-Punk, Spider-Gwen and Spider-Woman is a pretty great sight. Since they all have spider powers, they leap into action in varied and interesting ways. That spider-like agility is put to good use in combat as they battle the Inheritors with everything they’ve got.

They all have a similar aesthetic with their costumes, but have some unique qualities that make them stand out. Colorist David Curiel’s work allows each character to shine. Even those with darker costumes like Gwen and Miles appear just as vibrant and full of energy. This captures the core essence of Spider-Man as a character and it’s great to see how that permeates through the multiverse.
While they’re all on the same team, the Web Warriors have a hard time coordinating their efforts. They’re not on the same page. The arguments they get into, thanks in no small part to Otto Octavius, nearly take over the fight with the Inheritors. Letterer Travis Lanham keeps this heated exchange going without distracting from the action. The word balloons flow to guide the reader through each panel.

Spider-Geddon is already too big for its britches, breaking out of the confines of this mini-series to spread into a number of other areas. For a series focused on Spider characters, the original wall crawler, Peter Parker hasn’t appeared at all in the first two chapters. This isn’t an event I’d recommend for new readers as it comes with so much baggage and history that it’s tough to dive into and get up to speed.
Spider-Geddon #2 from Marvel Comics is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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