ECCC 2020: Con Still Going Ahead Despite Coronavirus Outbreak

by Olly MacNamee

You’ve read the headline correctly. The Seattle Times is reporting that Emerald City Comic Con is still planning to go ahead on March 12th-15th, despite the reported deaths of five deaths in Kings County and 14 identified cases, according to The Seattle Times news site.
So, what is ECCC miraculous cure-all that has them thinking they can simply go ahead, and in just under a week and a half? If a week in politics is a long time, a week and a half with a killer virus on the verge of becoming a pandemic, is a lifetime and who knows where we will all be by the time ECCC comes round? Surely ECCC have a workable solution, right?
Erm… if you count “enhanced cleaning and sanitization” across the crowded con a solution you can live with, then good luck to you. So, more soap, then?
Frankly, it’s not good enough and I’m sure it will have many con-goers and guest worrying. If it were me, I’d be checking if my hotel is refundable and any travel arrangements possibly stopped now.
Yes, ECCC are following the “U.S. EPA’s Emerging Pathogen Policy regarding cleaning disinfectants effective against the COVID- 19 virus” but it’s my experience that the law, and advise, doesn’t often move as fast as it should and the advise could well be out of date within a matter of days. Claiming they are following this advise seems to be passing the buck in advance. Many countries have already banned gatherings of over 5,000, such as France. Surely ECCC falls into this category? I know America isn’t always that clued up on international events, but maybe it’s time to read up and check out what other countries are doing. And now. Can a country the size of America really be this complacent?
Scaremongering? You tell me. I just hope anyone still adamant on going keeps a close eye on news coming out form ECCC ahead of March 12th. And, even if you do, how many guests will still be willing to travel – many great distances – and take the risk themselves?
More as it develops…

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