Black Mask’s Devil Within #1 Goes To Second Printing With Tula Lotay Cover

by Hannah Means Shannon

Black Mask Studios has announced that the first issue of Devil Within has sold out and will be going to second printing with a cover by the great Tula Lotay, set to arrive on the same day as issue #2 in shops.
Written by Stephanie Phillips, with art by Maan House (Witchblade), the series focuses on “paranormal entities”, or maybe it’s possession or madness? It focuses on newly married couple Michelle and Samantha, and of course, a really spooky house. Sounds great for the Halloween season!

Here’s the low down:

When newly engaged Michelle and Samantha move into an old house, Michelle starts experiencing disturbing events… rogue reflections in mirrors, strange apparitions, and an eerie voice only she can hear. Samantha doesn’t believe in ghosts, but the alternative might be even more terrifying in this hauntingly paranoid thriller from new writer Stephanie Phillips, artist Mann House (Witchblade), colorist Dee Cunniffe (The Dregs, Eternal), and letterer Jim Campbell (Calexit) with an awesome b-cover by Meghan Hetrick (Red Thorn).

And we’ve got the scoop on issue #2, coming up on November 21st:

Samantha and Michelle find themselves in an unthinkable situation as ghost children appear from thin air and a dark secret from Michelle’s past haunts her relationship with Sam. Will Sam and Michelle make it out with their relationship intact? Better yet, will Sam and Michelle make it out alive?

Look out for both Devil Within #1 Second Printing and issue #2 on November 21st!

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