Yanick Paquette And Batman Teach Us About Shadows In This Month’s DC Nation

by Olly MacNamee

In this month’s DC Nation #6, Wonder Woman: Earth One artist, Yanick Paquette has a two-page strip in which he utilises Batman in his bid to teach the artists of tomorrow some basics about light and shadows. And who better to discuss shadows in art that old Batsy himself, right?
It’s a fun way of approaching an art tutorial like this and with Paquette claiming he has 20 more ideas for such strips in mind over on Twitter, I for one hope that we get to see some more. Its also Paquette’s first gig as both writer/artist. Well, that’s what he’s claiming with a wink, and I for one ain’t going to argue with him. I mean, have you seen him?
Here’s hoping articles like this help in some small way.

DC Nation #6 is available now and for free in comic shops!

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