High Energy And Action In Green Arrow #46

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]
Green Arrow and Black Canary return to Seattle to stop the reign of the Citizen, the internet-based vigilante carrying out violent justice upon the richest citizens of the city. Ollie and Dinah can’t allow this continue, especially considering that the Citizen has targeted Oliver Queen himself and pinned a manslaughter accusation on the billionaire. The Citizen is showing no signs of stopping his crusade, and it will likely get worse before Ollie and Dinah can stop him.

Green Arrow #46 cover by Alex Maleev
Green Arrow #46 cover by Alex Maleev

Green Arrow #46 is striking in how fast-moving and active the issue is. Most scenes last no longer than a page, and the book flows ever-forward to advance its narrative and its heroes’ mission to stop the Citizen.
It goes a long way to keep the reader engaged, and Julie and Shawna Benson continue to show that they know how to do justice to the characters of Green Arrow and Black Canary.
The prime complaint that I could level against the comic is how it backs down from one of the more revelations about Oliver Queen made in this current story arc. We already knew that Ollie was a less-than-moral guy prior to his time on the island and transformation into Green Arrow, so giving him an even darker low-point could make his change into a hero more compelling.
That considered, this is still a good Green Arrow and Black Canary tale, and I look forward to where it goes from here.
Green Arrow #46 art by German Peralta, John Kalisz, and letterer Deron Bennett
Green Arrow #46 art by German Peralta, John Kalisz, and letterer Deron Bennett

German Peralta doesn’t disappoint on the visual side of things. Ollie and Dinah look as awesome as ever, and motion is depicted particularly well in this book. The detailing on the suits and faces are impressive too. John Kaliszs color art is deep and goes far to set up atmosphere in many of the scenes. Much of it is darker and makes GA’s costume look even better.
Green Arrow #46 is another good issue from the Benson writing duo. The book bounces back into action well after the emotional Heroes in Crisis sidetrack issue dealing with the tragic death of Arsenal. The writing is solid, the artwork is great, and the overall comic is definitely worth a recommendation. Check it out.
Green Arrow #46 comes to us from writers Julie and Shawna Benson, artist German Peralta, color artist John Kalisz, letterer Deron Bennett, cover artist Alex Maleev, and variant cover artist Kaare Andrews.

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