Tula Lotay Creates Connecting Covers For ‘The Walking Dead Deluxe’

by Olly MacNamee

Tula Lotay is the latest artist to create a set of connecting variant covers for The Walking Dead. And today Skybound revealed the full set.

Kicking off the next arc of the landmark series, Lotay’s connecting covers showcase iconic characters Rick, Carl, Lori, Michonne, Glenn and Andrea as never seen before.

These variant covers will adorn The Walking Dead Deluxe #49-54, from writer Robert Kirkman, and artist Charlie Adlard, newly coloured for the first time by Dave McCaig. And, each includes a new look at the “worldwide pop culture phenomenon” with exclusive “Cutting Room Floor” commentary, revelations, pinups and more from Kirkman celebrating the secret history of the series.

“After following up recent cover runs from Mike Del Mundo, Stephen Platt & Dave McCaig, and Paolo Rivera, we’re so excited that Tula Lotay is our next artist illustrating an incredible set of connecting covers for The Walking Dead Deluxe. The emotion she’s bringing to these illustrations captures the next harrowing arc so well, which sees our group splintered and separated after the events at the prison. Tula has such an immaculate eye when it comes to character, I’m so thrilled she went in this direction for these covers gracing our next six issues.”Amanda LaFranco, Editor at Skybound

The Walking Dead Deluxe #49 will be available on Wednesday, October 19th, 2022 from Skybound/Image Comic.

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