The Weekly 2000AD – Prog 2107 Previewed: It’s Smiley’s World After All

by Richard Bruton

Time once more for the Weekly 2000AD, where we give you a glimpse at the thrill-powered action happened, week in and week out, in the pages of the longest running sci-fi comic this side of Betelgeuse.
Under a Skip Tracer cover from Clint Langley we have five fabulous strips to show you, including the best Dredd for ever so many years in The Small House and the continuing downbeat, slow-burn brilliance of Brink.

JUDGE DREDD: THE SMALL HOUSE – PART 8 – Rob Williams, Henry Flint, colors Chris Blythe, letters Annie Parkhouse.
Dredd’s small team of trusted comrades, for one reason or another, is getting smaller by the day, and you can’t help feeling that there’s more devastation and death to come as Dredd goes up against Judge Smiley. This episode… major things happen. Big, nasty, historic things. And no, of course I’m not going to divulge what they are. Suffice to say, it’s something that changes Dredd and MC-1 forever. And once again, poor, poor Judge Frank. Sheer brilliance.

SKIP TRACER: LEGION – PART 8 – James Peaty, Colin MacNeil, colors Dylan Teague, letters Ellie De Ville.
It’s all a little bit Matrix-y in Skip Tracer, with Nathan Blake going back into his brother, Keenan’s, head to try to deal with the big nasty, Legion, that’s currently assimilating everyone in sight. Yes, there’s cliches aplenty here, both plot and dialogue, plus a little too much techno-babble, but it’s still ending the series well.

BRINK – HIGH SOCIETY – PART 8 – Dan Abnett, INJ Culbard, letters Simon Bowland.
Week after week, Brink builds and builds. There’s so little action here, but it’s simply not needed, not with Abnett and Culbard crafting something so tense and taut. This week, Bridge’s investigation continues, as she heads off for downtime and a meeting with Hab security top brass. Spycraft and dialogue, five pages of it. Beautiful stuff.

The Infestinauts are finding things tough down on Dave Dwayneski’s intimate bits. Dave’s not the brightest (or cleanest) of the bunch, and as such, hasn’t bothered applying the Infestinaut meds properly. Which leaves the remaining Infestinauts abandoned and surrounded by all manner of itchy irritant and scrotal skincrawler. The only thing Dave could do worse is if he ups the game and gets in the opposition treatment. Ooops. Here come the Bowel Bots.
Gross out stuff looking great from Wyatt and Parr.

KINGDOM: ALPHA AND OMEGA – PART 8 – Dan Abnett, Richard Elson, colors Abigail Bulmer, letters Ellie De Ville.
Gene the Hackman, genetically engineered dog-soldier, isn’t one to go down without a fight. And that’s exactly what’s going on now. With danger on all sides, humans, aux, and the next-gen riders all looking for the codes, Gene just wants to stand and fight. But, this might, given the big bad boom on the final page, be a fight he just can’t win.
Think of this as Abnett’s other writing side, all-out action stuff, old-school 2000AD style, as opposed to the dialogue heavy tension of the brilliant Brink and you’ll have a far better time of it. Like Skip Tracer, it’s a fun thing, nothing brilliant, but makes for a nice balance to the Prog.

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