Sordid Details About Charlie’s Past Finally Come To Light In Crowded #4

by Brendan M. Allen

Following their move into (much) closer quarters, Charlie and Vita get to know each other better. But the results might be more disastrous than the incompetent crowdfunded gunmen hunting them across Los Angeles. As Vita struggles with the fallout of losing her only sense of security, Charlie looks for a way to slip free of her leash, placing her directly in the crosshairs of Trotter, who’s hoping his hugest kill yet will launch him back to the top of death charts.

Remember those methheads playing with matches in Vita’s house? Yeah. Two guesses how that turned out. Three fresh bodies to account for and the hits keep coming. Up against a two million dollar REAPR campaign, a client that keeps bailing, a bitter ex with a badge, a bunch of sloppy amateurs and a couple serious pros, Vita may have finally reached her breaking point in Crowded #4.

Christopher Sebela balances the murder, explosions, and fire with a bunch of character work in this chapter. Trotter isn’t quite what he seems. Vita’s got a hell of a lot more going on than she’ll ever let on. And Charlie? What a mess that kid is. Everyone’s got a skeleton or two in their closet, right? Or a couple dozen? You might actually find yourself rooting for the away team by the end of this thing.
The art team of Ro Stein, Ted Brandt, and Triona Farrell have been absolutely destroying the aesthetic of Crowded. The characters are all distinct, expressive, and memorable. The action sequences are absolute chaos, and the diegetic FX (I learned a new term today) are amazing.

Crowded #4 slows way up, but that really doesn’t mean much in a series that moves this quickly. The tension builds right up to the crazy cliffhanger. As the walls keep closing in, it’s beginning to look like there aren’t enough Vitas in the world to keep Charlie from meeting her (maybe deserved) fate.

Crowded #4, Image Comics, released 07 November 2018. Written/Designed by Christopher Sebela, pencils by Ro Stein, inks by Ted Brandt, letters by Cardinal Rae, colours by Triona Farrell, logo by Dylan Todd, variant cover available by Claire Roe.

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