The Stranger Plays His Hole Card In The Last Siege #6

by Brendan M. Allen

The war is underway as the King lays siege to the final castle that stands between him and complete domination. Only an 11-year-old girl and twenty soldiers remain to face an army of hundreds as we head toward the conclusion of this blistering medieval war epic.

The Stranger’s motivation was finally revealed in the last chapter. Tomislav and Istvan have a violent history that’s about to come to a head in The Last Siege #6. One of these guys isn’t going to survive the night, and the odds are heavily stacked against The Stranger. It’s just him, Lady Cathryn, and a couple dozen loyalists against the full might of the Usurper’s army. The castle’s secret weapon had better be a doozy.

It’s been an almost painfully slow build to this point, but Landry Q. Walker finally turns loose in this installment. Seems like the climax actually came a couple beats early, since there are still two chapters to go, so that must mean there’s something we still don’t know. The trap is sprung, and even still, Tomislav and his tiny resistance force have seemingly insurmountable odds to surmount.

One of the biggest strengths of The Last Siege is how well Walker and the art team play off each other. There are several sequences where Walker backs way off and lets Justin Greenwood and Eric Jones tell the story with quick, dirty linework, cinematic angles, and a fire-lit palette.
The resistance is relying heavily on their hole card, and with only two chapters remaining, they’d better play it soon. Things have been going decently well, but at some point, numbers win battles. Unless they have something huge, the castle will fall.

The Last Siege #6, Image Comics, released 07 November 2018. Written by Landry Q. Walker, artwork/cover by Justin Greenwood, color by Brad Simpson, letters by Patrick Brosseau, alternate cover by Antonio Fuso/Brad Simpson.

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