A Great New Take On Super Heroics In Death Sentence: Liberty #1

by Olly MacNamee

In the Death Sentence universe that writer Monty Nero and artist Martin Simmonds have created over the past few years, those possessing superpowers, brought on by the G-Virus, have only 6 months to live. As a result – and depicted in the previous Titan Comics’ series, Death Sentence: London – Brixton has become a no-go zone for many as it’s become a heavily attacked ‘free zone’ for G-Virus sufferers and other free thinkers and radicals. So, no real change there then, right?
Well, the boys are back with Death Sentence: Liberty #1, picking up on the action and catching up readers on some of the main cast as they, no doubt, come together through their shared links to the virus. There’s Jeb Mulgrew, an undercover FBI agent, who is being watched himself by a shady organisation looking deeper into the G-Virus. It’s all very cloak and dagger, and beautifully illustrated by Simmonds, who’s lavish, textured style of art adds just the right tone to these scenes of undercover spies and secret experiments. But, be warned, this is very much an adults-only comic book, as you’ll discover upon witnessing the nature of said experiments.
We also catch up with Brixton-based Roots (half human/half plant but total badass) and Verity Fette, with the latter being the prize everyone is after, it would seem, as she herself tries to uncover a government conspiracy.

It’s a refreshing new take on super heroics, giving us a near-future world in which superpower people are seen as posing a great potential danger to society. It also presents some differing viewpoints on living with a death sentence bit possessing extraordinary abilities. That can change your perspective on life, I can tell you. After all, what would you do if you were given superpowers and only 6 months left to live? It does a great job of catching up readers old and new to the whereabouts of these varied characters and their own links to the G-Virus that sees us take in Brixton as well as Scotland too, in a whirlwind of an issue that sets up the series nicely and ramps up the potential consequences for our protagonists.
Available now, the second issue is currently up on Kickstarter – where you can find issue # 1 too – and makes up part of a planned 6 issue series that’ attracted a solid fanbase over the past few years. Well, issue #1 was fully funded within a day and it looks like issue 2 has already succeeded in obtaining its funding too.
For more, check out the Death Sentence: Liberty # 2 Kickstarter here.

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