Black Lightning Steps Into The Perdi/Sange Conflict In Next Week’s Episode

by Erik Amaya

Black Lightning‘s Book of Blood story is taking viewers to South Freeland, a part of the county still ruled by over prejudice and segregation. 30 years ago, a meta known as Looker (Sofia Vassilieva) stepped into the fray and put many of the Sange (the whites of South Freeland) under her control. And now, Black Lightning (Cress Williams) is getting involved to help save the only babies ever born to a Perdi (the blacks of South Freeland) woman and Sange man. But as seen in the following preview of next week’s chapter, the situation back in Freeland is far from settled with Jennifer (China Anne McClain) revealing her abilities to Khalil (Jordan Calloway).

I have to say South Freeland is an exciting addition to the world of Black Lightning. Like the best aspects of the show, it remixes real world problems in a clever superhero context. It also plays back into the main story as the Sange are, apparently, the real source of Freeland’s illegal gun trade. It will be interesting to see if Tobias (Marvin “Krondon” Jones III) and Looker will ally with one another now that Black Lighting is causing problems for both of them.
It’ll also be interesting to see if Khalil can work his way out of Tobias’s control. The Painkiller of late season one seems to be vanishing as the real Khalil realizes the mistakes he’s made. Hopefully, Jennifer’s decision to share her powers with him will lead him back toward the light and away from the increasingly abusive situation at Tobias’s apartment.
In fact, I wonder if Tobias treated Syonide (Charlbi Dean Kriek) the same way.
Black Lighting airs Tuesdays on The CW.

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