Mia Queen Joins The Fight In A Preview Of Next Week’s ‘The Flash’ Event Finale

by Erik Amaya

With the Reverse-Flash (Tom Cavanagh) back in action, Team Flash will need some extra help. But will an archer from the future be enough aid? As suggested in the following preview for next week’s The Flash special event finale, Mia Queen (Katharine McNamara) travels across the timestream to help Barry (Grant Gusin) and the others re-establish her 2040s. From the video, it sounds like time is literally on Barry’s side, although Thawne has a habit of thwarting that advantage.

Sadly, this week’s episode reminded us of all the things we’ve come to dislike in the program — from Iris (Candice Patton) once again being Barry’s lightning rod, to dodgy pseudoscience (even for Flash standards), to the power of love seemingly conquering all things. It’s not that these ideas are inherently bad, but they repeat every eight episodes or so and it is not narratively satisfying for these things to always be the solutions to every problem The Flash faces.

Meanwhile, on the young love front, we no longer think Chester (Brandon McKnight) and Allegra (Kayla Compton) work as a couple. Or perhaps, it was just the weirdness of them denying for ten years only to admit it in the seeming last seconds of their lives. Hopefully, their relationship will build from a more solid place when Season 8 resumes next year, but if it looks anything like what we glimpsed this week, it’s time rethink this idea. Also, isn’t it strange that the episode became invested enough in the lives of a Team Flash from an alternative timeline that it introduced Ryan Choi’s (Osric Chau) Atom costume in the midst of it?

But the strangest note of all was the absence of Joe (Jesse L. Martin) at the end of the episode. Now that it’s clear his “death” was another one of Thawne’s tricks, we really should’ve seen him — even if just for a quick reaction shot — to establish that, yes, his death never occurred. And, yet, the close-up on Barry failed to payoff Joe’s apparent resurrection. It is possible that Thawne is still messing with the timeline, but if Joe has been saved, we’d sure like to see it for ourselves.

The Flash airs Tuesdays on The CW.

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