One-Off Customised Munny Collectibles Auctioned For Charity

by Olly MacNamee

Customised collectible figures, big or small, are big business these days with many one-off figures going for silly prices, depending on the artist attached. Well, now could be the time to get hold of your own one-off customised Kid Robot Munny figure courtesy of the good people behind this summer’s Toy Art Fair in Leeds, the home of Thought Bubble, and Forbidden Planet. They’ve set up an eBay auction in support of the Leeds Mind Project, which aims to reduce the stigma attached to people suffering with mental health issue in the city.
You can take a glance at the 10 customised Munny figures and the various artists here, and place a bid if you see one you like. I’m digging the David Bishop piece, but so are a few others it would seem. Still, you’ve got till next Thursday, the 29th of December.

Here are all the artists involved and useful links to their other work.
Artists who participated:
The Toy Bunker:
Art Official Leeds:
David Bishop:
Laura Penn:
OGRE: no links available
Pocketwatch Toys:

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