Exorsisters #2 Hides Tragedy Behind Its Humor And Heart

by Tony Thornley

A lot of serialized stories that include cliffhangers with portents of doom would follow up on that immediately. Exorsisters #2 instead opts to let that revelation breath a little in favor of character development and mythology, and it’s definitely stronger for it.
Exorsisters #2
Ian Boothby, Giselle Lagace, Pete Pantazis, and Taylor Esposito return with this issue by building on the mythology behind the Harrows’ lives and situation. While the story is full of tragedy, it keeps its great sense of humor from the first issue.
[*Minor spoilers ahead!]

Cate and Kate trudged forward after their mother’s return last issue, continuing their casework with wit and snark. However, she won’t let up, continuing to harass the girls as we learn their origin in flashback. After the girls tell their mother to never contact them again, she makes a pact with a (literally) shadowy entity.
Boothby’s script continues with the great humor we saw last issue, with an issue that easily as funny. However, this issue adds a layer of somber tragedy to the girls’ story, and in so doing, eliminates the potential for cliche in their relationship with their mother. It’s an able and deft follow-up to a very fun first issue.

Lagace’s pencil work is very amusing here. Her style is lively and funny, but she also is able to convey emotion extremely well. It makes for a great read. Pantazis keeps his bright style from last issue as well, but changes tones and palettes to fit the emotions and moods on the page.
It’s so strange to think of such a fun book as also scary and heartfelt. It’s what makes the series quickly a must-read.

Exorsisters #2 is available now from Image Comics.

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