Whispering Dark #2 Continues Its Plunge Into Destruction And Despair

by Josh Davison

[**Mild Spoilers Ahead!]
The squad continues to move through the wilderness fueled by nothing but go-pills and necessity. They stumble across a caravan of Russian soldiers and find one of their own, Lee, captured and being put up against the wall. Before they can help him, the Russians kill their prisoners. This leaves the squad in even more disarray, as Norton said that he saw Lee killed. After the chief breaks up the fight, the team continues on until they find a cabin. They assume it’s abandoned, but that quickly proves to be false once they enter the residence.

Whispering Dark #2 cover by Tomas Aira
Whispering Dark #2 cover by Tomas Aira

Whispering Dark #2 continues this descent into darkness for Hannah and her crew of marooned army rangers. Comparisons to Apocalypse Now continue to be apt, but Colonel Kurtz in this case may very well be Chthon, Nyarlathotep, or Asmodeus.  
One thing that continues to impress is that, while I do suspect there is something supernatural playing in the background of Whispering Dark, I wouldn’t be surprised if there weren’t. The comic makes a very convincing argument that Hannah and the rangers might be going mad from a mixture of no sleep, stimulants, radiation poisoning, and crimes against their fellow humans.
Speaking of radiation poisoning, the nuke literally dropped last issue is barely mentioned except when they drive through the blast zone.
You’re left wondering if anyone is going to make it out of this alive and if they even should survive this. “War is hell” is by no means a new thematic genre of narrative, but Whispering Dark is finding a way to keep it fresh.
Whispering Dark #2 art by Tomas Aira and letterer Mauro Mantella
Whispering Dark #2 art by Tomas Aira and letterer Mauro Mantella

Tomas Aira’s artwork depicts all of this almost plainly for much of the book, but it allows the surreal and creepy moments to land even harder. The surreal imagery is quite unnerving on its own, of course. The art lets a moment hang well, too. Aira’s color art is dim and dark for most of the book, but, needless to say, this comic calls for it.
Whispering Dark #2 continues its trek through Hell for Hannah, Watts, and the other rangers in a devastating manner. The soldiers are put in horrific positions and forced to make impossible decisions all while something demonic seems to be moving in the background. If you can stomach it, this comic definitely comes recommended. Give it a read.
Whispering Dark #2 comes to us from writer Cristofer Emgard, artist and cover artist Tomas Aira, and letterer Mauro Mantella.

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