Adventure And Fantasy Meet In The Old West In The Plume Omnibus

by James Ferguson

Vesper Grey lived a boring life at her aunt’s house until she almost died. She would have shuffled off this mortal coil after falling into a frozen lake, but she was saved by a supernatural guardian named Corrick. Suddenly, Vesper’s life is a whole lot more exciting as she digs into Corrick’s past and the secrets her explorer father kept from her. She’s determined to get to the bottom of this and that puts her in all kinds of danger. Fortunately, Corrick is along for the ride to keep a reluctant eye on her.

Plume is a sprawling adventure through the Old West with this strange supernatural twist to it. Vesper’s journey is integral to this as she finds her place in the world. It’s a startling revelation to find out everything you knew about your family was a lie and this is what drives her. She needs to find out the truth, even if that means putting her life on the line to do it.
There’s a healthy dose of humor throughout Plume that helps break the tension, especially in some emotional scenes. Creator K. Lynn Smith has a knack for facial expressions, often bringing a laugh with a fun, casual look between characters. There are several segments where there’s little to no dialogue, but the images speak volumes. There could be a longing glance to the distance or a quiet smirk to a friend that conveys such emotion.

The Plume Omnibus collects the entire story, originally published as a webcomic. It is an impressive journey that goes to some unexpected areas. Just when you think you’ve got Plume figured out, Smith throws you a curveball and changes course. This keeps you on your toes and makes for a very exciting reading experience.
The Old West setting of Plume comes through in the coloring of each page. There’s a faded look to them, like you’ve found some old wanted posters. This adds to the fantasy elements of the story and makes certain aspects, such as Corrick’s glowing yellow eyes or the slick, dark demonic force the characters encounter, really pop on the page.

With almost 500 pages, there’s a lot of story in Plume. This translates to an amazing amount of character development. You go through everything with Vesper, Corrick, and some other folks they pick up along the way. You share the joy in their victories and the sorrow in their defeats. After just a few chapters, you are so very much connected to these characters, so by the end of this book, they feel like old friends.
This omnibus also includes some additional stories that fill in some gaps in the past, present, and future. The main story stands on its own, but these extra tales are welcomed because I was clamoring for more after I got through the book.

Plume is a healthy blend of adventure and fantasy set in the Old West. It’s a truly unique and impressive comic that will pull you in completely. While the omnibus might seem intimidating to jump into, it’s one you can do so with confidence because this is a comic you do not want to miss.
The Plume Omnibus from Devil’s Due Entertainment is now available at your local comic shop and Amazon.

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