Barry And Cisco Meet Batwoman In A Scene From Tonight’s Elseworlds

by Erik Amaya

“Elseworlds” continues tonight with our first trip to Earth-1’s Gotham City. And as this clip from tonight’s episode reveals, the heroes of Central City are not be ready to face Arkham Asylum escapees with suspiciously familiar masks. Luckily, a costumed vigilante more familiar with Gotham comes to their rescue. But it is not the one Barry (Grant Gustin) expects.

Meanwhile, night one of “Elseworlds” was a delightful play on Freaky Friday and other such body-swap movies. The in-jokes came fast and quick, with Ralph’s (Hartley Sawyer) “It’s not even Tuesday” and Ollie’s (Stephen Amell) “Barry, what did you do this time?” winning top honors. In fact, the hour was so much fun, that the attempt to inject emotional stakes at the end seemed out of place. Sure, Iris’s (Candace Patton) concern that Barry could get lost in the Green Arrow persona is valid, but asking the crossover to have that sort of jeopardy is too much of an ask. The crossovers are for moments like Kara’s (Melissa Benoist) goofy smile when she imitates Green Arrow, Barry’s revenge on Ollie for their training session in “Arrow vs. The Flash,” and Tyler Hoechlin’s dead on reading of “a friend.”
But since there is some jeopardy to be found, one has to wonder what The Monitor’s (LaMonica Garrett) real aim is. Is it possible he’s really the Anti-Monitor and setting up Dr. John Deegan (Jeremy Davies) to fail? Considering the red skies above Central City, we’re inclined to believe the Crisis has begun.
“Elseworlds” continues tonight on The CW.

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