The Malevolent Clowns Are Back: SINK Starts A New Arc Today With #6

by Hannah Means Shannon

Today a new arc starts for horror comic series SINK, published by Comixtribe. You’ll find the sixth issue in shops from the critically acclaimed series by writer John Lees and artist Alex Cormack.
The Glasgow-set horror series is known for its iconic clowns and a sinister blue van, both equally terrifying. It focuses on a location where terrible things happen.

In issue #6, “Charlotte, wakes up in the back of a blue van, surrounded by murderous clowns. And the night only gets worse from there! But in her fight to survive, Charlotte will discover just how resourceful and dangerous she can be.”
Issue #6 will also feature a variant cover from Iain Laurie (And Then Emily Was Gone).

Writer John Lees says:

It is so exciting for us to be able to bring SINK back for a second volume. The response to our first run of issues has been overwhelming, and it’s because of that support and passion from our readers that we get to continue this mad adventure and tell more Sinkhill stories. We have so much cool content lined up over the next five issues, including some returning fan favourite characters, but first up we have SINK #6, “Death and the Midden,” which could be the darkest, nastiest SINK Tale we’ve done.

That seems like a fair warning, SINK fans! There’s also something unusual you may notice about issue #6 in terms of its use of speech balloons–or lack thereof!
Lees explains:

…with SINK #6, we’re drawing things right back to our horror roots, with a brutal, stripped-down narrative focused entirely on amping up the tension. A big part of creating this stripped-down effect was the decision to remove all dialogue from the story… save for the occasional “AARGH!” and “URK!” This issue is a showcase for artist Alex Cormack, and in my opinion he absolutely knocks it out of the park. This issue also features the terrifying blue van clowns taking centre stage at last, after haunting the periphery of SINK for so long!

Check out this special preview of SINK #6:

SINK #6 arrives in comic shops this Wednesday, the 12th of December. Find out more about the series via their Facebook page,, or read issue #1 for free by going to

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