The Fantastic Four Wedding Special Is Fun And Celebratory, But Also Revealing

by Olly MacNamee

Weddings should be special but they should also be fun. As should the inevitable stag and hen nights that prefix the special day. Ahead of Ben Grimm’s own stag night (or bachelor’s party as you call then in the Colonies) we get to gatecrash Alicia Master’s bachelorette party in the first of two stories in this Fantastic Four Wedding Special. It’s a fun, breezy affair as you’d hope it would be from a writer as skilled in light-hearted humour as Gail Simone. Laura Braga’s smooth art stylings and Jesus Aburtov’s colours also add to the air of celebration and good times, too.
Of course we’re dealing with super folks here and wherever you find those types, you usually find trouble, too. But, not the trouble we are led to believe. Rather, a blast from the Fantastic Four’s past as a deluded, obsessed antagonist gatecrashes the festivities with a motivated attack that’s rather quite sad in its own way. It’s all dealt with superbly well and even gives us one of those special comic book moments, while the ladies visit an all-male strip club, that will be cherished by many for a long time to come, as we witness a character playing against type for once. We even get a further twist to the tale that will warm your heart even more. Hey, that’s what you sign up for when you get a comic like this. This ain’t Batman #50 after all.

Although, saying that, there is a very interesting seed planted in the second story by Dan Slott, Mark Buckingham and Mark Farmer (the latter two breathing a whiff of the Kirby into the art in this strip). A second story that sees The Thing ask Alicia Master’s father, the incarcerated Puppet Master, for his step-daughter’s hand in marriage. What you’ll think is another heart melting moment is actually far more sinister and will, I have no doubt coming from the pen of Slott, have repercussions at some point down the line for the first family of Marvel.

All that and a fabulous Fred Hembeck (MAD Magazine) strip to round off a celebratory comic ahead of the main event in Fantastic Four #5. Its a comic that you wouldn’t necessarily pick up, but for the revelation alluded to above, it’s worth picking up alone. But, I think you’ll enjoy the fun festivities, too. There are plenty of comics out there this week that offer a more gloomy outlook, but not many that’ll offer you such a warm reading experience.
Fantastic Four Wedding Special is available now form Marvel Comics.

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