Sarah Gaydos Takes The Reigns As EIC Of Oni Press

by Hannah Means Shannon

Oni Press has announced a promotion for their Editorial Director of Licensed Publishing, Sarah Gaydos, revealing her new role as Editor-in-Chief. Gaydos, who is an Eisner Award, Ringo Award, and Diamond Gem award winner for Love is Love, joined Oni Press in April 2018 following her role as Group Editor at IDW.

Since joining Oni Press, Gaydos has been spearheading licensed properties such as Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty™, as well as bringing in original and licensed content for development. In her new role, Oni Press says, she will “oversee and guide the editorial department, develop further licensed partnerships, and continue the company’s long-time emphasis on groundbreaking creator-owned work”.

Gaydos’ history in the comics industry reaches back to work at WildStorm, an imprint of DC Comics, in 2006. After joining IDW Publishing and eventually being promoted to Group Editor, Gaydos edited a wide variety of content, particularly kids comics.

Gaydos says:

I’m incredibly excited for the opportunity to lead the stellar Oni Press editorial department into 2019 and beyond. Since starting at Oni last year, I’ve been consistently impressed with the company’s deep love of the comic medium, and its dedication to reaching new fans. I can’t wait to lead the department to even greater heights!

Oni Press Publisher James Lucas Jones adds:

In less than a year, Sarah has had a profound effect on Oni Press. Her taste is impeccable and broad. Her network of colleagues both love and respect her. Her dedication to comics and the people who create them is virtually unmatched. There is no other person better suited to lead our editorial team and oversee the creation of amazing new comics for all types of readers.

We look forward to the positive developments that Sarah Gaydos will no doubt bring to Oni Press and congratulate her on her promotion!

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