Sony And Bend Studios Introduce Us To The World Of ‘Days Gone’

by Sage Ashford

With Sony’s latest game Days Gone roughly three months off, the people at Sony Bend have begun a new series of videos through the PlayStation Blog entitled “The World of Days Gone”. Though we’ve already seen roughly two hours of footage set in the world of Days Gone courtesy of Game Informer, that was nearly a year ago and far more unfocused.
Through “The World of Days Gone”, Sony Bend hopes to give us more of a guided tour of their ruined open world, starting with displaying the different biomes players will explore when their game launches–forests, open highways, snow-capped mountains, and lava fields/caves.

The blog also goes into further detail on the pre-order bonuses players will be able to get from the game’s two different versions: the Digital Deluxe and Collector’s Editions. While the Digital Deluxe is of course largely concerned with in-game items, the Collector’s Edition which features a pretty cool statue of main character Deacon, his bike, and a dead freaker.
Days Gone is exclusively available on PlayStation 4 on April 26th.

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