Uncanny X-Men #1 Features The Return Fans Have Been Waiting For

by Tony Thornley

In some circles, there’s been something incomplete about the X-Men for some time. One of the characters at the heart of the franchise has been dead and buried. And at the end of Extermination there was hope. Now Uncanny X-Men Annual #1 answers just HOW they’re back.

If you couldn’t tell from the cover, of course, I mean Cyclops, who returned on the final page of 2018’s Extermination. Now Ed Brisson, Carlos Gomez, Guru-eFX and Joe Caramagna tell us exactly how it happened.

Years ago, Scott Summers saved a young man from an insane mad scientist. Now that young man is a brilliant engineering mind working for Tony Stark. When young Cable shows up at his door, he asks for a device that could channel the Phoenix Force, hopefully paying back the man who saved his life…

Brisson understands his protagonist incredible well. There’s been a lot discussion about whether Cyclops’ actions in the last few years of his life were right or wrong. Brisson doesn’t absolve him of the negative aspects of his actions, but also shows the noble motivations he had. Beyond that, he shows the noble hero that many fans came to embrace, and gives Scott growth to move forward as more of a true hero than just a mutant leader.

Gomez’s art is sharp and has a great energy. He is able to make Scott sympathetic, yet heroic. He also takes Kid Cable of Extermination and X-Force and draws him like a petulant teenager, not just a short adult. His action also looks great, with a great use of layouts and camera angle.

Welcome back Scott Summers. We missed you.

Uncanny X-Men Annual #1 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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