Livewire #2 Weighs The Needs Of The Many Versus The Few

by Tony Thornley
Cover by Adam Pollina

To anyone unfamiliar with the Valiant Universe, their characters might seem like a mish-mash of concepts. The characters might look like Conan as Iron Man, Batman and James Bond mixed as a ninja, or a half Punisher/half Wolverine. One of the only instances that the comparison actually rings true, once you get to know the universe, is the comparison between psiots and Marvel’s X-Men. In Livewire #2, we see how born-superhumans- like mutants or psiots- may get treated in the real world.

Vita Ayala, Raul Allen, Patricia Martin, and Saida Temofonte pick up with last issue’s cliffhanger. Amanda McKee is the world’s most hated person. What does that mean for her?

After the introduction of a new villain, we see Amanda tortured and beaten. Her captors intend to use her for a brutal experiment that could end the psiot threat forever. And if it doesn’t work, it’ll just kill her.

Ayala’s story is a great metaphor for fear and hatred. Now, in this case there is some justification, as Livewire violently “debates” that with one of her captors. That doesn’t make the metaphor any less poignant though. Beyond that though, the issue tells a strong story, particularly with the issue-ending action scene.

Allen and Martin’s work is just as great as it was in the last issue. This world is just interesting to look at–the backgrounds, the people, the technology–all are engrossing. Beyond that design work though, the artists play with angles and layouts to keep the readers engaged, while choreographing some amazing fight work. It’s one of the best-looking superhero books on the stands right now, for sure.

I’m a huge fan of this series already. I can’t wait for more.

Livewire #2 is available now from Valiant Comics.

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