New Story-Arc, New Threats In Robotech #17 From Titan Comics

by Olly MacNamee


Robotech #17 kicks off a new story arc and that means new threats! Written by Simon Furman with art by Henry Prasetya and Pasquale Qualano with colours by Marco Lesko and lettering by Jim CampbellRobotech #17 is out on February 6th from Titan Comics and we have a preview here now to share with you all.

A new arc in the radical reimagining of the classic sci-fi anime – perfect for fans old and new! As the wounded SDF-1 drifts above Earth and the fleeing Zentraedi swear revenge, Zand’s mad experiments unleash chaos in the ranks. The build-up to a brand-new event! The fist step to a crisis that will tear time and space asunder, as Robotechnology runs wild!

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