Grander And More Frightening Changes For Art In Sparrowhawk #4

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]
Warren is leaving Art and her companions. Crispin tells her to ignore Warren and continue her quest for the Unseelie Queen. They find more creatures to slay, including a massive guardian spirit. Artemisia’s transformations continue and get more expansive. Before long, the trio find themselves at the foot of the Unseelie castle and ready to send Art out of Faerie and back into our world.

Sparrowhawk #4 cover by Miguel Mercado
Sparrowhawk #4 cover by Miguel Mercado

Sparrowhawk #4 may turn out to be the best issue of the series (though the finale could still beat it out). Artemisia’s transformations, both interior and exterior, are becoming extreme. She’s changing as a person, and she’s left to wonder if these are good, bad, and if it’s Warren’s place to even judge them.
Crispin continues to be the devil in her ear, but he’s also one of two individuals that are accepting of Artemisia right now.
The new member of Art’s crew, Dean, is a lovable figure that represents a softer voice than Crispin’s. He is more willing to kill and fight than Warren, and he also accepts what Art is becoming. However, Crispin seems to not care about or for him.
We get a big hint at what part of Art’s memory which Crispin stole, and it is something near and dear to Art.
Sparrowhawk #4 art by Matias Basla, Rebecca Nalty, and letterer Jim Campbell
Sparrowhawk #4 art by Matias Basla, Rebecca Nalty, and letterer Jim Campbell

Matias Basla’s artwork is wonderfully stylized and continues to make Faerie a visually memorable place. The creatures are well-designed and interesting too, and Art’s continued transformations look fantastic. Rebecca Nalty’s colors bring it all together with a surreal and vibrant palette that accentuates the wonder and danger of Faerie.
Sparrowhawk #4 is a compelling penultimate installment for the fantasy series. Art is going through grander and more frightening changes, and she’s left to ponder if she is now a monster or just something different. Combine this with the excellent artwork of Basla and Nalty, and you have a book well worth reading. This one definitely gets a recommendation. Check it out.
Sparrowhawk #4 comes to us from writer Delilah S. Dawson, artist Matias Basla, color artist Rebecca Nalty, letterer Jim Campbell, and cover artist Miguel Mercado.

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