The Avengers Join The War Of The Realms This May

by James Ferguson

With The War of the Realms fast approaching and with Thor playing a central part, it was only a matter of time before his buddies (aka: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes) would join in. We’ll see how the team helps out in Avengers #18, #19, and #20, on sale in May from Marvel Comics. They’ll feature special connecting covers by Ed McGuinness.

Avengers Mountain stands as the last stronghold, but how long can it handle the wrath of Malekith’s powerful forces?
Writer Jason Aaron told CBR:

There are battles raging all around the planet. So you can expect to see a lot of the different forces and factions we’ve been setting up in Avengers, from Namor and his Defenders of the Deep, to the Winter Guard, and the Squadron Supreme. So all the antagonists and extended cast that we’ve set up across the planet are involved in the War of the Realms. We’re trying to touch base on all the things going on during the event with the Avengers and their many foes.

Look for these special War of the Realms tie-in issues this May.

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