The Fall Of The D.E.O. In Action Comics #1008

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]
Director Bones of the D.E.O. summons Adam Strange to the headquarters about a potential position in the organization. Before they can get too far into the discussion, a strange creature appears and detonates in a massive energy blast. Strange is able to save Bones and a few others, but the headquarters is annihilated…just like the A.R.G.U.S. attack in Atlanta. Elsewhere, Amanda Waller and General Sam Lane have a covert meeting about these attacks, and Lois Lane makes her triumphant return to the Daily Planet.

Action Comics #1008 cover by Steve Epting
Action Comics #1008 cover by Steve Epting

Action Comics #1008 continues to raise the stakes on the “Leviathan Rises” story, as another of the DCU’s major clandestine organizations is taken off the board.
We also get to see Lois Lane back where she belongs at the Daily Planet, and that’s enjoyable for sure. The lead-up scene with she and Superman is pretty damn adorable too.
The covert meeting between Waller and Lane is a solid scene, and it shows just how on the back foot these two otherwise always-prepared individuals find themselves at this point. This leads to a dramatic finale with Amanda Waller.
As is often the case, Brian Michael Bendis’ ability to write fantastic dialogue shines through.
Action Comics #1008 art by Steve Epting, Brad Anderson, and letterer Josh Reed
Action Comics #1008 art by Steve Epting, Brad Anderson, and letterer Josh Reed

Steve Epting’s artwork is always welcome, and his talents leave Action Comics #1008 looking fantastic. The depth and visual drama injected into each scene leaves it outright alive and shows why Epting is one of the best in the biz. Brad Anderson backs it up with a similarly deep and varied palette.
Action Comics #1008 doesn’t reveal much of what is brewing to the reader, but it does give a swift and enjoyable read that increases the tension and finds Lois and Clark tackling the mystery like in the old days. This one comes recommended. Check it out.
Action Comics #1008 comes to us from writer Brian Michael Bendis, artist and cover artist Steve Epting, color artist Brad Anderson, letterer Josh Reed, and variant cover artist Jeff Dekal.

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