Take A Trip To Another Dimension In Justice League #19 From Snyder, Jimenez & DC

by Olly MacNamee

It’s been a while, but the wait has been worth it as Jorge Jimenez’ returns to art duties on this week’s Justice League #19 written by Scott Snyder with Alexandro Sanchez on colours and Tom Napolitano on lettering. As well as kicking off what Snyder promises to be not only his favourite arc so far, it’s a story that also promises to deliver another important piece in the ever unfolding end to the DCU. And, Snyder certainly delivers on that promise with a rather dense and detailed issue that sees Wonder Woman casting spells – thanks to here time hanging with Zatannna over on Justice League Dark – Batman cracking jokes, as well as the ever-welcome return of Mr Mxyzptlk, with a few new notes added to his own backstory that totally rewrites his relationship over the years with Superman.
Like so many other pieces that Snyder has added over the years into the DCU, it only strengthens the character and helps develop him. We may never look at him in the sane way again. That’s if he’s telling the truth of course. For example, Snyder strongly suggests that Mr Mxyzptlk may not be limited to his trips to Earth as we had previously believed. After all, he was only visiting the DCU a few week ago over in Wonder Twins #1. But, before you start shouting our, ‘Foul!” read on. All is explained, as I’ve alluded to above.
With an issue in which it looks like Superman will save the day, you’d think everything was smelling of roses, but this is the Justice League and this is but part one of this new epic. The JL’s days are getting much darker, and just when they believe they’re onto something that will help them defeat the Legion of Doom, who do seem to be unstoppable at the moment.

All the while, Jimenez steps up to the plate and and each time he hits a home run. Whether it’s in his depiction of Wonder Woman, Mxy, or even an an elder Justice League (who make an appearance here with the suggestion that a certain two JL members, who’ve been spending rather a lot of time with each other recently, end up together in this particular alternate future), Jorge Jimenez was born to draw this book. For anyone lucky enough to have caught him on Earth-2 (surely the heroes of this world will show up at some point soon, I hope?), you’ll know what I mean. In my opinion, it saved the book. Or, rather kept it from the chopping block at least. But I digress.
Each page of Justice League #19  is a feast for the eyes, with dynamic layouts of panels, and an energy that matched Synder’s own fast paced action. To be able to skilfully add the amount of dialogue needed in this issue, and still allow the art to breath and to shine shows the expertise of letter, Tom Napolitano, who really must have had a long day at the office when he came to letter this book. Popping colours from Alexandro Sanchez, and what yo has is a glorious, glowing comic book that’s much fun to look at as it is to read. An amazing book and worthy of it’s high status amongst comic book critics and fans alike.

DC Comics was always at its best when it explored it’s heritage of multiple Earths and extra-dimensional spaces, including the Fifth Dimensions and now an all-new Sixth Dimension too. With Snyder growing up probably reading the same book I did as a kid, I am glad to see the more fantastical and far-reaching stories making a comeback at DC Comics. Here, and in other titles too. Reality is far too grim at the moment. Here’s to escapism!
Justice League is a thing star in a comic book galaxy full of other amazing examples. But for me, Justice League is the sun around which many other titles revolve around. And issue #19 is out now! Go get it, tiger.

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