Former Gambit Director Says Channing Tatum Still Is Trying To Make The Film Happen

by Erik Amaya


Although the Gambit film project has seemingly met its end with the return of the X-Men characters to Marvel Studios, former Gambit director Rupert Wyatt says the project’s star Channing Tatum is still “plugging away at it.”
Wyatt, while speaking with The Beat about his upcoming film Captive State, also mentioned the real reason his version of the film was abandoned shortly before it was to go into production. “It simply came down to budget. There was not enough,” he said. “Fantastic Four had been released by Fox a month before and had not gone well for them, so our budget was slashed quite considerably.”
The Fantastic Four film directed by Josh Trank was a critical and box office disaster. Rumors of his behavior on the set reportedly led to his dismissal from a planned Boba Fett film. Meanwhile, back at 20th Century Fox, its failure made the studio reconsider a plan to unite the X-Men and The Fantastic Four in one cinematic universe. It also halted the development of Deadpool for a time in addition to cutting Gambit‘s budget.
“The inevitable, from my perspective was, ‘Well then we need to rewrite the script to tailor to our budget,’ but we were too close to a start date for Fox to really want to go there, so unfortunately, it just didn’t work out,” Wyatt added.
But perhaps the story of Gambit, which continued to lose directors in the lead-up to the Fox/Disney merger, will have a happy ending yet. The character has his fans and that may translate into a solo adventure sometime in the next decade.

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