Tony Isn’t The Hero Of Tony Stark: Iron Man #9

by Tony Thornley

Good superhero comics live or die on the strength of their supporting casts. Superman wouldn’t be half the character he is without Lois Lane, and Spider-Man feels incomplete without Mary Jane. In this latest issue of Tony Stark: Iron Man we get to see the strength of Tony’s friends and family.

Cover by Alexander Lozano

Dan Slott, Jim Zub, Valero Schitti, Paolo Rivera, Edgar Delgado, and Joe Caramagna continue to show us Tony Stark’s worst day. However, it may also be the finest moment for several members of the supporting cast.

In the real world, several of Tony’s friends and family fight the Controller’s invasion of the eScape. Meanwhile, Tony’s mother, Amanda Armstrong, is faced with Maria, the motherboard AI that’s gone rogue in the wake of Controller’s meddling. Is her new bond with Tony strong enough to save her son?

Slott and Zub continue to tell a thrilling story in this issue. Zub is a welcome addition to the creative team, as his character-centered voice quickly shines through and magnifies Slott’s plot. In particular, Amanda was honestly a bit of a cipher until this arc, and this issue really establishes the character and her role in Tony’s life.

Schitti and Rivera put in great work this issue. The two compliment each other to the point that I wasn’t sure where one’s work ended and the other began. They both choreograph the action incredibly well, but also are able to dial back and allow the interpersonal moments shine as well. Delgado adds to that with bright colors that is able to help the moments pop.

Tony Stark hasn’t had a worse day, but it’s made for such great reading for fans.

Tony Stark: Iron Man #9 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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