Kevin Feige Clarifies Ms. Marvel’s Place In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

by Erik Amaya


Despite some fan theories regarding Monica Rambeau (Akira Akbar) and the eventual Ms. Marvel in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige made it pretty clear over the weekend audiences have not yet met the character as she will eventually appear in the MCU.
While talking with ScreenRant, the studio boss addressed the question of Kamala Khan and a possible hidden cameo within Captain Marvel. His response: “The answer is no. Cause I think I think Ms. Marvel is a contemporary story and I don’t think she was born yet.” Indeed, for Ms. Marvel to be a teenager in the contemporary MCU, she would be born sometime in the 21st Century — six to ten years after the events of Captain Marvel depending on Kamala’s first appearance in a Marvel Studios picture.
But the key takeaway here is Feige’s relative certainty that Kamala’s story will be a modern one. Previously, he said Kamala will be the Ms. Marvel they introduce when the time comes, dismissing fan theories that Monica will appear in the present day as Ms. Marvel. If we see her with a superhero persona, it will most like be Photon, once of the characters’ various identities over the years — which includes the “Captain Marvel” name for a time — and the one referenced within the film as her mother Maria’s (Lashana Lynch) callsign.
Meanwhile, it is interesting to see characters like Monica and Kamala get more serious consideration as the MCU movies into its next phase. Considering the studio’s ability to launch more obscure characters into $1 billion success stories, the future may indeed be brights for these Captain Marvel-related characters.

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