One-Punch Batgirl: Preview Heroes In Crisis #7

by Olly MacNamee

It’s Harley versus Booster Gold in Heroes In Crisis #7 out this week from DC Comics. But, with the suggestion, from the cover, that the big blue Boy Scout may be on hand to break it up. Although, judging by this preview Batgirl and Blue Beetle are in a better position to do this than Superman. Although, that’s not what Batgirl has in mind. Catch up on all that’s going down at Sanctuary from writer Tom King and artist Clay Mann in this week’s new release.

The Trinity may have uncovered the true killer responsible for the deaths at Sanctuary, but the artificial intelligence that ran the institution is the one thing standing between them and the culprit. Now Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman must face off with their own creation—and face the consequences for what they created. Also, as the truth is uncovered, Booster and Harley go from being enemies to allies.

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