WonderCon 2019: Boom! Studios’ Discover Yours Panel With Lilah Sturges, CB Lee, Delilah S. Dawson, Ryan Parrott, Sina Grace & Greg Pak

by Gary Catig

Boom! Studios understands that everyone is looking for something different when it comes to comics and they try to provide a variety of titles to cater to the eclectic tastes. Their Discover Yours panels always showcases the types of series they have to offer and this year, at WonderCon it was no different. Creators, Lilah Sturges, CB Lee, Delilah S. Dawson, Ryan Parrott, Sina Grace and Greg Pak all discussed their current work with the publisher.

Two of Sturges’ projects, Lumberjanes and The Magicians: Alice’s Story, involve women and young girls discovering their identity. As a trans woman, she connected to these themes. She will have a new Lumberjanes graphic novel entitled Lumberjanes: Shape of Friendship, which will release the first chapter during Free Comic Book Day this year.

Originally, Sturges was set to write a comic adaptation of the popular book The Magicians but found it difficult relating to the main character who was a man. She more easily identified with Alice and wanted to tell her story. The Magicians: Alice’s Story will be released in July before the 10th anniversary of the release of the first novel.

For Ben 10, Lee wanted to show a family and how adventure can take different forms. There will be a new graphic novel in the series entitled, Ben 10: Mecha Madness, and will be out in December.

Dawson’s teen Victorian fairy fight club series, Sparrowhawk, will be collected and released in August.

Parrott will be extremely busy in the Power Rangers universe as he will become the new writer for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers starting with issue #40. The White Ranger will make his debut and will lead the team. The next event will be called Necessary Evil.

For his other Power Ranger series, Go Go Power Rangers, the first chapter will be wrapping up with a double sized issue in June. Starting with issue #21, Grace will cowrite and the team will be jumping ahead in time and incorporate a sixth ranger, the Green Ranger. It will also be a part of the Necessary Evil event and will cover how the characters deal with being rangers.

Grace will also have a new title that he developed with editor, Shannon Watters, entitled Ghosted in LA. He describes it as Melrose Place with ghosts. The main character, Daphne Walters moves to LA with the love of her life and after moving is dumped. She finds an apartment that happens to be haunted. It is an ensemble cast with illustrations by Siobhan Keenan. The series is a metaphor of being single in LA.

Pak spoke how he originally wasn’t a fan of Firefly and had to be convinced by his editor to watch the pilot of the TV show. Afterwards he was hooked and took the gig. He was intrigued by the found family aspect of the crew and an opportunity to develop new characters. People can catch up on the first arc when it is released as a graphic novel in April.

Good news also came Pak’s way when he learned with the audience that his new series, Ronin Island, was extended from a mini-series to a full series order. This allows him to dig deeper into everything and build the world.

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