Young Justice #4 Pulls Back The Curtain On Gemworld

by Tony Thornley

The last few issues of Young Justice we’ve been catching up with the characters we know and love as they’re drawn into the war in Gemworld. In Young Justice #4 we actually learn more about Gemworld itself.

Brian Michael Bendis, Patrick Gleason, John Timms, Alejandro Sanchez, Alex Sinclair, and Wes Abbott continue our heroes’ journey through Gemworld with some big moments fans have been waiting for.

Bart and Conner face the minions of Dark Opal, helping Superboy remember his heroic roots. Elsewhere in Gemworld, Robin, Wonder Girl, Amethyst and the rest try to battle the effects of Dark Opal’s spell on them. Meanwhile, we see the events immediately leading up to the teen heroes’ arrival on Gemworld through Amethyst’s eyes.

Bendis’ focus on each character had slowed down the plot a bit in previous issues, but here he makes great strides forward in the plot. In particular, Superboy embraces his old personality, which really drives the plot forward, setting up the team’s upcoming conflict with Dark Opal. He also gives hints about Jinny Hex’s past, which is going to pay off quite a bit in upcoming issues. It’s a key issue for the plot, and I really enjoyed it for that reason.

Gleason and Timms actually complement each other really well here. The past guest artist have been intentionally a jarring change, as we get into different characters’ heads, but these two’s stylistic match helps sell that both the main and flashback story are taking place on Gemworld and match their tones accordingly. Timms has a great eye for action, moving Amethyst across the page as a commanding and dynamic presence, whether she’s fighting Gem warriors or arguing in council chambers. Gleason’s engaging style gives us some big action moments in the issue, jumping off the page in exciting splashes, and engaging layouts.

This series continues to be one of the most fun in DC’s latest wave of releases. It continues to impress with each issue.

Young Justice #4 is available now from DC Comics.

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