First Look At Sean Murphy’s Batman: Curse Of The White Knight From DC’s Black Label

by Olly MacNamee

This June sees the highly anticipated follow up to last year’s remarkable Batman: White Knight from Sean Murphy with the publication of Batman: Curse of the White Knight through DC’s Black Label mature reader’s umbrella. And, The Joker’s at it again:

Following the critical success of Batman: White Knight, Murphy is putting a new spin on this upcoming series, with The Joker recruiting a new, savage partner to help him expose a shocking revelation about the Wayne family’s legacy. As Batman rushes to protect the city and his loved ones from this corrupt conspiracy, the Dark Knight will come face to face with the horrifying truth.

Murphy’s Batman: White Knight delivered an alternative examination of the relationship between the greatest rivals in the DC Universe. By curing The Joker of his insanity and making him an advocate for good in Gotham City, Murphy led Batman down his own path of madness. And now the story continues in this exciting new miniseries.

DC have released a first look at this book with a preview we’re sharing with you here and now, with some of Murphy’s dynamically beautiful artwork free of lettering. I smell another masterpiece on the horizon.

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