UK’s Oldest Comic Shop, Nostalgia And Comics, Relaunches This Saturday With…A New Name?

by Olly MacNamee

This weekend here in Birmingham sees the official re-opening of the United Kingdom’s oldest running comic boom store, Nostalgia and Comics. Or, rather, I thought it was until I arrived there this week to pick up my regular pull list. Much to my surprise – and some others’ shock I imagine – Nostalgia and Comics have decided to rename the store (or, rather Head Office; don’t blame the staff). Sacrilege? Possible, but then even with a name change I can’t imagine many calling it anything but Nostalgia and Comics of my generation. But, if they do their job right, then my generation will eventual fade away. Like the elves at the end of Lord of The Rings.  Either way, the new name of the store is certainly world’s apart from its original.

Thankfully, through the magical powers of social media I was able to converse with Kenny Penman, co-owner of Forbidden Planet International who clarified the name change:

We (already) own Worlds Apart in Liverpool, and 3 identities is hard to make something off than 2, so it was decided that the N&C name was the one that was going to go. I hope everyone will get used to it in time – and, of course, regulars will, no doubt, continue to call it Nostalgia. The motivation is that – as we all know – times are pretty tough on the High Street – a big unit like N&C will struggle to survive going forward in the world of Amazon etc unless we can bring in new customers to cover the not insubstantial costs and we felt that Worlds Apart was easier to market to that end than ‘Nostalgia’ which we feel suggests a back street antiques shop.

So, an understanding of the legacy that Nostalgia and Comics has with some old heads like myself, but a real world decision that will hope to continue the success of the store and bricks and mortar comic shops.
If you are aiming to get down to the store this April 13th, you’ll be able to grab some free comics, goodie bags (while they last of course, with these bags limited to the first 300 through the door) and 10% off everything all day long.
Nostalgia and Comics (RIP) has always been more than a comic book store and it’s always been my favourite. Having lived in a number of other big cities, I was ‘Nosties’ that welcomed me in with open arms when I first arrived and they’ve been a huge part of the comic book community in Birmingham for some time, organising regular nights out, charity events and one of the best FCBD’s around. Why not show them some love this Saturday and bag yourself some comic book goodies while you’re at it.
Here’s a  peak at the new layout, but I’ll leave you to find out the new name for yourself.

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