Taking Shots At The Top Bird: Red Hood: Outlaw #33 Reviewed

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]

Red Hood has Penguin locked away in the Iceberg Lounge while Jason himself continues to operate and profit off the casino with the help of Bunker, Wingman, and the Sisters Su. Meanwhile, the All-Caste mull over whether something should be done about Jason Todd. Plus, the Penguin’s contingency plans go into action, and the Iceberg Lounge may yet become a battleground once again.

Red Hood: Outlaw #33 cover by Cully Hammer
Red Hood: Outlaw #33 cover by Cully Hammer

Red Hood: Outlaw #33 continues this upbeat and stylish story of Jason Todd’s growing criminal empire–all stolen from the Penguin of course.

While Red Hood still has a dark streak running through it, there is a winking fun in this current arc. Jason Todd is on top for once. He’s not just a footsoldier or covert agent; he’s a proverbial mob boss running the most audacious and glamorous club in Gotham City.

Of course, the good times can only last for so long, and there are already numerous forces moving against Jason Todd.

For now though, he has his own club and is living large. The resulting comic is largely enjoyable for it. We get to see more of how this version of the Iceberg Lounge works and how it handles trouble. It’s high-energy and entertaining.

Red Hood: Outlaw #33 art by Pete Woods, Rex Lokus, and letterer ALW's Troy Peteri
Red Hood: Outlaw #33 art by Pete Woods, Rex Lokus, and letterer ALW’s Troy Peteri

Pete Woods is an excellent fit for Red Hood. His style lends itself to the tone and pacing of the book. It’s sleek and stylish all its own, and it just looks damn good. The action set-piece towards the end of the book kicks it all up a notch with a kinetic sequence that gives a lot of punch to this installment. Rex Lokus’ color art contrasts colors excellently, giving even more strength to the visuals.

Red Hood: Outlaw #33 is an especially fun issue for a series that does often sink itself in gloom and brutality. Jason Todd is one of the new top bosses in Gotham City, and everyone wants a piece. It’ll be fun watching him fight them off. This one gets a recommendation. Feel free to check it out.

Red Hood: Outlaw #33 comes to us from writer Scott Lobdell, artist Pete Woods, color artist Rex Lokus, letterer ALW’s Troy Peteri, cover artist Cully Hammer, and variant cover artist Lucio Parrillo.

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