Bombs Away: New Sketchbook From Terry Dobson

by Olly MacNamee

I like a good sketchbook by one of my favourite artists. It’s an economical and easy way to have artwork reprinted and stored all under one cover at a fraction of the price of a con sketch, which to be honest many of us simply cannot afford as prices seem to rise and rise with each season. Well, one of mine – and many, many others’ –  favourites, Terry Dobson, has a new one out called Bombs Away featuring “highlights from the last 3 years of Terry’s personal sketchbooks in a 32 page soft cover” and for just 20 of your American bucks!

It’s available now from Dobson’s online store here and probably from the man himself at any comic cons he’ll no doubt be attending this summer and Fall.

It stands at 6″ W x 8.25” H with folded flap on front and back cover and a nice spot on page 1 to get a personalized sketch, should you be lucky enough to meet him anytime soon. It is printed by Flesk Productions.

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